Salama Bint Hazza
Illustrations by Olga Byrne
Olga Byrne is a classically trained, experienced artist and illustrator.
She was born in Saint-Petersburg the cultural capital of Russia in 1981. Her talent was noted when she was 5 years old and she joined the fine art studio of the Hermitage. Then she was professionally educated in the famous art Lysee and graduated in the Russian Academy of Fine Arts in 2006. She was then invited to be a member of the elite Union of Artists of Russia. Her career as an illustrator began in 2003 when she won the prestigious competition “Gold Mahaon” for young illustrators.
Since that time Olga has illustrated more than 30 books that were published in Russia and around the world. In addition to participating in numerous exhibitions both in her own right and as part of an ensemble, her watercolors, oil painting, drawings, and pastels are valued by private collections and museums in Russia, USA, UAE, France, Kazakhstan, UK, etc. At present Olga with her husband and two sons live in UAE.
Her Beautiful Work
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